You are what you eat – But what if you don’t know what you’re eating?

There are many pros and cons in the polarised debate between the ‘biological’ food advocates and the genetically modified (GM) food proponents.

Personally I am not an advocate of biological foods, raw foods, super foods or whatever the latest food fad might be, nor am I arguing that the production and consumption of GM foods will unquestionably cause natural and economic disasters.

Instead my concern with GM food is that it will contribute to a process that has been going on for some time, namely the commodification or fetishisation of food. By this I mean the restrictive view of food as an end product, in and by itself, separated from its source and production process.

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The ‘Myth’ of the Australian Entrepreneur

We are still awaiting the details of the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program, and how this may impact the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

While this program is estimated to provide $484 million of funding, this is only half of what was spent under now-scrapped programs such as Commercialisation Australia, the Innovation Investment Fund and the Industry Innovation Precincts, representing a significant decline in government spending on entrepreneurs and innovation. While many agree that government programs can be improved, the cuts show a lack of understanding of the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Indexing and Searching Multiple Cloud Storage Services Across Different Platforms

Cloud storage services have become an integral part of nearly everyone’s digital filing system. It’s great to be able to access your documents anytime and anywhere, while also having a back up in case your hardware fails. With the proliferation of cloud storages services many people will use a host of them, whether it is Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive or Evernote. As a result it has become increasingly difficult to organise your files across these systems.

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Australian Property Sector Failing On Sustainability

Some of Australia’s property companies are gaining top global accolades for their sustainability performance but according to a damning new report the commercial property sector as a whole is failing to meet even basic sustainability benchmarks.

resultssus2 Australian Property Sector Failing On Sustainability

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The Australian Supply Chain Disclosure Imperative

The newly introduced G4 guidelines provide a great opportunity for Australian companies to showcase their supply chain performance, but the issue is to disclose supply chain issues that might not be on the radar of the Australian public, says CSR researcher Martijn Boersma. 

The Australian annual general meeting (AGM) season is upon us, and has been preceded by the release of annual reports outlining the financial performance of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. In addition to financial results, many companies will be outlining their sustainability performance, either through integrated reporting or via stand-alone sustainability reports.

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2SER Radio Interview about the Catalyst CSR Dashboard and Corporate Reporting

Annamarie Reyes from 2SER’s Radio Atticus talks to Martijn Boersma, Researcher at Catalyst Australia and the University of Technology Sydney, about the Catalyst CSR Dashboard and the poor corporate reporting on labour standards and supply chains.

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