Celebrating Reason: Non-Believers and Muslims Sing Along in Melbourne

Today is Sunday, a day which most Christians consider to be a day of rest and worship of god. First of all because it is the belief that this is the day of Christ’s resurrection, and secondly because by the seventh day, the man in the sky had completed his work and took a well deserved day off to rest (creating the universe with everything in it sounds tiring). Interestingly enough, Christians can’t decide amongst themselves on which day of the week they should observe Sabbath, as a minority believe they should do so on Saturday instead of Sunday, as do the Jews of course, making the entire practice somewhat more trivial. Additionally, in Israel and in most Muslim countries, Sunday is a regular working day. At least they seem to be on the same page where this matter is concerned. For non-believers, Sunday is part of something we call ‘the weekend’, during which we read a larger edition of our newspaper, our children watch cartoons on television in the early morning, and our favourite sporting team will make their appearance on the pitch. How lovely all these differences between people can be.

But I mustn’t digress. As the Muslims and non-believers can do anything they like on Sunday, they ran into each other in Melbourne earlier this month at the Atheist Convention 2012. Was there signing? Yes! Was there chanting? Yes! A Sunday not unlike one that Christians would have? Judge for yourself:

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