Leaning towards the Light: A Christmas Reflection on Modern Slavery

An outdoor symposium on modern slavery was held in Perth on 10 December 2023, moderated by Fiona McGaughey, Associate Professor, University of Western Australia.

Panel member(s) from left to right:

  • Dcn Greg Lowe, Director, The West Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office
  • Jenny Stanger, Executive Manager, Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network
  • Shaeron Yapp, Principal Advisor of Human Rights, Rio Tinto
  • Martijn Boersma, Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame Australia


  1. Shaeron, modern slavery is a broad term, can you talk us through what it means and perhaps give us some examples?
  2. Jenny, can you tell us a little about your work on modern slavery?
  3. Martijn, can you tell us about your role and perhaps explain how modern slavery is tackled within Australia and Australian businesses?
  4. Shaeron, can you tell us about what steps businesses can take to address modern slavery? Are there any effective approaches you can share with us?
  5. Jenny, can you share some examples with us that you have come across over your career?
  6. Martijn, what would you suggest needs to change for us to tackle modern slavery more effectively?
  7. Jenny, where should people go if they want to learn more or if they have concerns about possible situations of modern slavery?
  8. Martijn, what do you see as the role of academics and universities in tackling modern slavery?
  9. Shaeron, what are some practical steps that people can take on this issue?

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